GHG Website Concept

Online Destination for Upscale Hotel Research

  • Client: School Project - Aviatech
  • Role: UI / UX Design
  • Timeline: 3 Months, 2013

Best in class online destination for hotel research

Aviatech is a web & marketing company that tasked us to create an immersive website based experience that would assist high end traveler in locating hotels that meet their requirements and then drives the users to the hotels page to complete the sale. My solution to the problem was to create a website that was open, airy, and used big beautiful images to draw the user in and help them find the perfect location to go on a vacation.

User Research

After asking users who fit our idea of a persona a couple of questions we were able to figure out what our users really wanted and create a better user persona.

User Research Summary

User Personas

  • A 56 year old Lawyer who currently resides in Manhattan in a Penthouse with his wife of 28 years. He is tasked with finding a location for a romantic getaway, but doesn't know where he want to go.

  • A 36 year old software engineer who is planning a weekend vacation with her friends to Las Vegas she just needs help deciding where to stay.


I made some preliminary sketches to figure out where the content that the client and user wanted might fit. This also served as a way of thinking possible layouts to show the client what we were thinking.


After understanding the user and the client, then doing some sketches do I start to wireframe. Wireframing helped me and my client understand the direction I was heading in.

Click the image to see the expanded view


For this website I was trying to go for an elegant and extravagant just like the possible locations the users could visit.

Final Design

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Final Thoughts

This was a very in-depth project that taught me the process and research of designing a website and the benefits of working with a client. Also this was the project that helped me decide that I really liked UI/UX design and that I was going to work hard to get better.