Who Am I?

I'm a Freelance UI/UX designer & front-end developer originally from upstate NY. Currently I'm working my way around the world, previously in Ghana and currently in Thailand. I'm using my year abroad to move myself towards a UX role, adjust my portfolio, blog about my travels as a person and designer over at Medium, and find a amazing team of collaborative people to work with. I’m very passionate about design, so much so that in my free time, you can find me still designing things. I’m always thinking about the users that I’m designing for as well as constantly learning and improving my skills.


Design : User Centered Design, User Research, Interaction Design, Design Thinking, Responsive Design, Visual Design, Typography, 2D / 3D Animation

Web : HTML / HTML 5, CSS / CSS3, Javascript / JQuery, WebGL / Three.js

Talking Points

Avid Lindyhopper, Handletterer, occasional Runner, Hiker, and Hackathon participant.