Archive App

A collection of your inspiration all in one place, organized and easily searchable.

  • Client: Personal Project
  • Role: UI / UX Design, App Development
  • Timeline: Current Project

About the Project

How do you collect inspiration that you find out in the world, in a way that will allow you to find it when you need it? I realized that there was a problem where I or other people would collect inspiration through taking a photo or creating a sketch in a notebook. But then when you needed that inspiration or solution, they would not be able to remember and utilize it. So my solution to the problem was to create an app that allows user to collect that inspiration in one place, easily add ways to organize it and then search for it when they need it.


With my sketches I worked through the layout and structure of the app as well as some interactions in a low fidelity. Then I took the sketches to high fidelity so I could fully understand the structure.


Working through how the user would go through the app. Trying to focus on an intuitive user flow.


With the branding I started by trying to figure out the feeling that I would want the user to feel when using the app. I decided to convey Human, Artistic, Friendly, I wanted the user to feel safe and creative. Then I started exploring colors and fonts that conveyed this feeling. I originally started with an orange but switched to a teal to make it feel more energetic and fun. For the logo font I went with Poppins and for app / site copy I went with Open Sans, both fonts are humanist fonts so they look more friendly and human.

Buisness Planning

I know nothing about creating a business plan so I started by reading multiple articles to learn how to create a business plan. First I defined what the app is: A collection of your inspiration, all in one place, organized and easily searchable. Then I figured out the pain it was solving: Forgetting about inspiration. Finally I defined who it was for: Creative people who gather inspiration.

Final Designs


For the prototype I worked with Marvel to create a quick mockup that showed the features and interactions of the app. I then took that and started doing user testing to try to make sure everything was understandable, both the design and the user experience. With that feedback I've been able to make improvements.

Marvel Prototype

Product Site

I created a product page so that I could advertise the Archive app and attract attention to it. The site will soon be launching.

The App

Apple and Android apps coming soon!